Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Creepy Winchester House still greets visitors

One of the creepiest places in the world is the Winchester House. 

Here's a KPIX-TV documentary film from 1963, about the life and legend of heiress Sarah L. Winchester, who financed and built between 1884-1922 what came to be known as the Winchester Mystery House in San Jose, California.

The film is subtitled: 'A legend told by Miss Lillian Gish' and features extended, point-of-view shots taken around the Winchester House, as Gish narrates how Sarah buried her daughter and husband in New Haven, Connecticut and then moved to San Jose in 1884, to begin remodeling what was then an 8 room house.

Stairs leading to nowhere
Gish describes how the house eventually grew to accommodate over 150 rooms and reflects on Sarah's eccentricity and how it may have influenced local rumors that she was providing shelter for the ghosts of people killed by Winchester rifles (the family business).

The house is a gigantic, sprawling 160-room complex designed like a maze, with mile-long hallways, secret passages, dead ends, doors opening to blank walls and staircases leading to the ceiling.

This documentary was written and produced by R.E. Pusey, Jr and Ray Hubbard and directed by Dick Williams.


Maia Dobson said...

It's a very creepy and intriguing house because of the multiple staircases and mysterious doors leading to nowhere. I've seen modern new homes on magazines that could be peculiar in their on eccentric way, but nothing would be scarier than this one.

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