Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Russians know how to put on the ritz

So maybe I'm a bit behind as this video has had over 6 million views. While not a "flash mob" event in the strict meaning of the term, the video has been edited to give it that feeling. As a fourth generation Ukrainian-Canadian, the event and the wedding celebration made me laugh.

In response to the "anonymous" comment, I have edited this post as the comment is quite valid and correct.

Putting on the Ritz - Moscow style.


macbros said...

This puts Howie's Mobbed TV show to shame.

Anonymous said...

Issue. 95% of the people there were in on it. The other 5% were most likely close friends and family the "Mob" invited. So, who was the "Flash Mob" for? The point is to surprise and overwhelm the unsuspecting public. This was a choreographed street performance, not a true flash mob.

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