Why the heck did they name me Larry?

Phew, was glad to find that I am the only one in the entire United States. I always felt kind of sorry for people with surnames like Smith or Brown too beige for me.

As for my first name, Larry (Latin for laurels) but never, ever Lawrence as some assume, I never was that fond of it. Its grown on me over time though.

Out of curiosity, I checked on what were the top 10 male names for 2005. Heres how the names ranked:

1. Jacob

2. Michael

3. Joshua

4. Matthew

5. Ethan

6. Andrew

7. Daniel

8. Anthony

9. Christopher

10. Joseph

On the same site, I discovered the Larry popularity ranking for the last 100 years.

In 1906, Larry ranked as 286th in popular names which really tells me it was quite unpopular.

When did the Larry name popularity peak? You guessed it in 1951 when it reached it all time popularity high ranking of 11th most popular male name.

What other names were popular around my birth year of 1953? Here’s the name popularity ranking: Robert, James, Michael, John, David, William, Richard, Thomas, Charles, Gary, Steven, Mark, Joseph, Donald, Ronald, Kenneth, Paul, Larry, Dennis, Daniel.

By golly, I have friends and relatives similar in age who have these names!

All that is but Paul dang it, missed the best name by one. Mom must have been reading the book of boys names too slowly that day.

Unfortunately, Larry’s popularity sharply waned as it dropped to 30th in 1961, then to 50th in 1973, falling sharply to 115th in 1987.

In 2005, the name Larry finally dropped right off the popularity cliff with its all time lowest ranking of 357th.

So what the heck was going on in the early 1950s that made the name Larry so popular?

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